Meet the people who make the magic happen.


Bethany is the Founder and Director of the Ultreia Society. Ultreia is latin for always further, always higher. Society members guide the freshmen class further and lift them higher by providing individualized support, whether it’s overcoming language barriers , or navigating challenges in and out of school. While the upperclassmen support freshmen; community members support the upperclassmen, hosting workshops that empower students to confidently navigate life after High school with an entrepreneurial spirit. With the help of community partners Bethany co-created the Annual Charlotte Student Entrepreneurship Summit reaching over 100 students, partnering with over 50 community leaders. One in three students say that they want to be an entrepreneur, but few students have access to entrepreneur mentors or networking opportunities. The Charlotte Student Entrepreneur Summit is a conference-style experience for students to be exposed to a day in the life of a networking entrepreneur in the city of Charlotte.