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Building the future

Ultreia Society operates as a Leadership elective credit for students; this eliminates the challenge for many students to get involved and reap the benefits of the program.  

Students learn 18 leadership standards specific to the Charlotte community, including social responsibility, civic leadership, social capital, financial literacy, resiliency skills.  While moving through the course content students create management plans for and mentor at-risk freshmen to build the culture and community of the school. Students track their freshman grades, attendance, behaviors and surveys to create interventions to support their mentees as needed.  


The second aspect of the course complements the leadership standards by involving community members and local businesses to host workshops for students once a month.  This creates an opportunity for students to network and bring awareness to a resource available to them and their families in the community. All of the content builds up to their final practicum – The Charlotte Student Entrepreneur Summit.  The partners provide feedback to students on their resumes and interviewing skills.


our Work

We help make positive impacts on students lives.